June 2016

Targeting the cash economy

June 8th, 2016|General|

Targeting the cash economy Inland Revenue’s crackdown on ‘cashies’ continues with their focus on undeclared cash in the construction and hospitality sectors. Last year, the Auckland region saw the most activity. Inland Revenue are now widening their reach. They’ve been trying to change attitudes among tradies and subcontracting businesses and their efforts seem to be getting results. Inland Revenue [...]

October 2015

How to add a condition to an existing bank rule

October 14th, 2015|General|

How to add a condition to an existing bank rule Once the Bank Rule is set up, you still need to add new places you visit as a ‘condition’ to the existing bank rule you have already set up. Go to Manage Account on your dashboard and click Bank Rules Go into existing bank rule [...]

Netiquette – Some do’s and don’ts for Facebook

October 7th, 2015|General|

Netiquette – Some do's and don'ts for Facebook You've got a Facebook page up and running, and are posting regularly, but have you got a strategy in place? If you haven't devised one yet, it's time to get one in place and keep it up. How many posts per week? What content will suit your [...]

September 2015

10 more tips to grow your business

September 30th, 2015|General|

10 more tips to grow your business 1. Improve your customer service Businesses with good customer service retain consumers and attract new business through word-of-mouth. Even if you think you’re already providing good service, make it a priority to provide refresher training to frontline staff at least once a year. Alternatively, hold regular meetings to [...]