Mathieson’s provide a solutions focus for sustainable hospitality success

Whether recipe costing or inventory management, staff contracts or payroll – Mathieson’s guide you through the complexities of running a hospitality business. Confidently follow your passion for food and people, express yourself creatively through concept and service. Whatever your motivation, get in-depth knowledge from trusted hospitality specialists.

Relax, we’re watching the numbers

Mathieson’s guide you through POS and Xero integration, to food supply and end of year tax. Furthermore, we forecast and track key benchmarks from weekly prime costs to monthly weighted menu sales, so you remain one step ahead of the competition.

Get in touch then relax, we’re watching the numbers.

Client Testimonial

I had lots of unanswered questions that had not been addressed with my old accountants. Once I decided that I was going to move, Mathieson’s did the rest.  It was swift and easy.

Mathieson’s gave me great service from the start. I really needed business support and coaching; and Mathieson’s offered a complete package under one roof from HR and Xero training, to systems and business development. Mathieson’s have given me so much to think about and do. In turn, this has gone a long way to improving my business!

Mathieson’s have a lovely family feel when you walk in, where everyone is very welcoming and helpful. I would highly recommend Mathieson’s, they have a totally different business ethos to other accountants.

Victoria Totty, Managing Director
The Pantry

Mathieson’s have hospitality benchmarked.

Whether tracking your menu profit or prime costs, Mathieson’s links what you do to financial results.

As Xero connected advisers we guide you from POS integration to forecasting and benchmark reporting.

Whether full or quick service, Mathieson’s are specialised in benchmarking, tracking and understanding the drivers in hospitality.

Relax, we’re watching the numbers.

Xero interfacing time and attendance software should save you money and headaches. New Zealand built and owned Flexitime Shift plan includes Rosters and a Photo Timeclock app. Set your employee hours for the week and record time worked with photo clock in and out.