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September 2019

Action Plan For Healthy Waterways

September 10th, 2019|General|

Below is a snippet from an article from NZIPIM. It contains important about the Government plans to clear our waterways and how it will affect farmers. If you would like advice or information specific to you the feel free to call us at 03 307 6455 or email us at info@myca.co.nz.   The Government has released [...]

August 2019

What happens when you don’t defend a claim in court?

August 27th, 2019|General|

An Employer was ordered to pay just over $27,000 to an Employee of two months after the Employment Relations Authority concluded that the Employer had unjustifiably dismissed the Employee. The Employee raised a personal grievance in the ERA and claimed that the Employer did not pay the correct wages and later dismissed the Employee. The [...]

Domestic Violence Leave – Active Since April 2019

August 26th, 2019|General|

Entitlements as an Employee and Obligations as an Employer If an Employee has been affected by domestic violence, after six months of Employment they will be eligible to take up to and including ten days of domestic violence leave every twelve months. This Employee will be entitled to this domestic violence leave even if the [...]

Correct processes could have avoided major penalties

August 26th, 2019|General|

A New Zealand Employer was penalised $20,000 for not having any Employment agreements for his staff. The Employment Relations Authority fined this Employer as he failed to provide written employment agreements for 15 Employees. The Employer had to pay all of the 15 Employees outstanding wages and back pay. In addition, the Employer paid $12,000 [...]

Public Holidays – managing staff hours

August 26th, 2019|General|

Entitlements when Public Holidays are Concerned During one year, there are 11 observed statutory or Public Holidays in which Employees are able to have the day off work while still being paid by their Employer/s. However, Employees can be made to work on Public holidays if it falls on a day that they usually work, [...]

Let Receipt bank Transform the Way You do Bookkeeping and Data Entry

August 23rd, 2019|General|

Data entry can be a very painful and time-consuming process. Receipt Bank simplifies this process by allowing you to automate your receipts and invoices. Ultimately, Receipt Bank is designed to save you time, allowing you to focus on the more important things. Now, let’s talk about how Receipt Bank goes about saving you time.   [...]

Struggling Business Ordered to pay a Significant Sum for a Poorly Run Dismissal

August 15th, 2019|General|

An Employee has been awarded just over $15,000 in the Employment Relations Authority after being unjustifiably dismissed by her Employer. The dismissal occurred because the business closed down, but the Employee was not paid correctly and was not given sufficient notice of the closing, or dismissal. The Employer had a valid reason for ending the [...]

Triangular Employment Relationship

August 12th, 2019|General|

You may have heard the phrase “Triangular Employment Relationship” thrown around before. This phrase does sound complicated but refers to an employment relationship, frequent in industries that require temporary workers through labour hire businesses. This relationship works by an Employer employing Employees who are contracted out to a controlling third party on a temporary basis. [...]

July 2019

Employment Relations – 90 Day Trials, Penalties For No Employment Agreements, and Availability Hours

July 25th, 2019|General|

Penalties Applied for no Employment Agreement A part-time employee working afterschool hours each week and between university classes has succeeded in a claim against their previous employer in The Employment Relations Authority. When the employee resigned from their position, the employer failed to pay holiday pay of $640 and wages due. The employer also did [...]

June 2019

Xero Information Session – 3 July 2019

June 25th, 2019|General|

Have you ever thought there has to be any easy way to keep control of your finances? Well there is, Xero is the latest in accounting software and technology, designed to make the financial side of your business a breeze. Xero Accounting Software is the future of accounting. With millions of people using Xero worldwide [...]