Dave’s been my accountant for over ten years. He takes a personal interest in what we do. He goes above and beyond the call of duty because he’s got a real passion to see us succeed. I can ring him any time, day or night, about anything – he’s just way beyond your normal accountant. He’s always working through budgets for me.

I’m always giving him homework, and I think he appreciates it! He’s great – bloody good at what he does.

Robbie Bell, Motorhome Maintenance & Coach Glazing
I used to be Dave’s banker before I established my own business. Now he is my accountant because of the relationship we had built up. From a banker’s point of view, he was an accountant who stood out because he always went the extra mile for his clients. He takes a real interest in their business.

Accountants traditionally are very tax and compliance-driven, and don’t have the time to sit down and work through clients’ real issues, but Dave always seemed to find the time to do that, and that’s what made him stand out.

Having said that, you also need an accountant to be able deliver technically. Dave and his team are certainly able to do that as well.

Mark Caldwell, Mainland Insurance, Mortgages & Investments
A friend referred me to Dave about six years ago when I was growing a new business and found I needed an accountant. He was very helpful then and has been ever since. He’s very approachable. If I’ve got any problems and can just ring him up and I always get good, straightforward answers. And the staff are always helpful, too. More recently I moved in with another business and he was a great help during that process, too. And he’s given me a GST program which is really easy to use!
Di Thomas, Body ’N’ Beauty Worx
We’ve been through several challenges over the last few years and Dave, who has been my accountant for 10 years, has helped us through them. We shifted to larger premises, and he was quite involved in making sure the numbers stacked up for that. And now we’ve had an industry downturn since the financial crisis and he’s helped me through that as well – with suggestions as to what I could be doing, costs that could be trimmed and a new computer programme that he showed me how to get a lot of beneficial information from. MCA has definitely helped us work through a lot of changes that we’ve had to face in our business sector.
Jeff Marshall, Jeff Marshall Suzuki
They’re really good people. Dave’s been my accountant for about eight years. He keeps in contact with me, and I think he keeps us on the right path. We’ve grown from a one-man band to staff of six and we’ve never been short of work, and I put some of that down to the good business advice I’ve received from Dave.
Keith Johnstone, Bus & Truck Body Work
Dave looks forward, rather than just back as a lot of accountants are trained to do. And he is prepared to give advice that’s outside the normal sphere of an accountant, such as in business structures, governance and those sorts of areas. His advice is always appreciated and I appreciate the brainstorming element of the sessions we have together – even though it can be out of my comfort zone at times. He’s very easy to toss ideas around with.
Jeremy Savage, McFarlane Rural Business
Working with Mathieson’s has allowed us to focus on our core business. Our virtual CFO is solutions-driven, with a leading service delivered through a team approach that was efficiently set-up within a month.

Their over-arching support, transparent costing and the external view has delivered a highly valued, integrated solution. Mathieson’s are a part of our senior leadership team, providing proactive business solutions from tax through to project services.

Through Mathieson’s we have turned management accounting from a constraint to a resource within our group.

John May, Managing Director
Southern Ventures

John May, Southern Ventures
I had lots of unanswered questions that had not been addressed with my old accountants. Once I decided that I was going to move, Mathieson’s did the rest.  It was swift and easy.

Mathieson’s gave me great service from the start. I really needed business support and coaching; and Mathieson’s offered a complete package under one roof from HR and Xero training, to systems and business development. Mathieson’s have given me so much to think about and do. In turn, this has gone a long way to improving my business!

Mathieson’s have a lovely family feel when you walk in, where everyone is very welcoming and helpful. I would highly recommend Mathieson’s, they have a totally different business ethos to other accountants.

Vic Totty, The Pantry