Data entry can be a very painful and time-consuming process. Receipt Bank simplifies this process by allowing you to automate your receipts and invoices. Ultimately, Receipt Bank is designed to save you time, allowing you to focus on the more important things. Now, let’s talk about how Receipt Bank goes about saving you time.


Receipt Bank Provides Many Practical Ways to Upload Receipts

You can get Receipt Bank on your phone or computer with both phone and web-based apps. This allows you multiple ways to upload your receipts onto Receipt Bank. You can use your phone’s camera to take a picture. You can drag and drop documents into the web-based app. In addition, you can email, scan and upload or use dropbox. If all else fails you can post your receipts to Receipt Bank who will then upload them for you.


Receipt Bank Does All the Hard Work for You

Once the receipt is uploaded, Receipt Bank does all the hard work for you. By scanning the receipt for data and then sorting and categorizing them.  The receipts then appear in an inbox queue ready to be posted, once posted they will sync with your accounting software, ready to be used as you wish.


Receipt Bank Integrates Seamlessly with all the Top Accounting, Payroll and Payment Software

Receipt Bank stores all your receipts securely in the cloud. As well as storing all your receipt securely, Receipt Bank integrates seamlessly with all the top cloud-based Accounting software, such as Xero, MYOB, WorkFlowMAX and QuickBook.

Receipt Bank integrates with all the top accounting software

The ultimate advantage that Receipt bank provides is saving you time and money on bookkeeping and allowing you to focus more on actively developing your business.

Receipt Bank Saves You Time and Money

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