By René Artz
Business Development Manager

“We get what we invest in. The time we spend comes back, with interest.”
Seth Godin

The staffing problem

Outside location and concept, staffing is one of the most common constraints in hospitality. Often an issue, it is very often a leading cost.

How do we respond to staffing an industry un-renowned for its vocation or longevity of employment? Yet where employee engagement is critical to delivering a consistent customer experience and is a key to hospitality success.

How do we pay more for staffing when payroll is already a leading cost? Yet operate in an industry with unforgiving margins and uncertain recurring revenue.

The staffing solution?

As in life, most business solutions are led by questions.

Take a café, it has numerous staff functions from cook to cashier, barista to waiting staff. On top of that, it is often a seven-day operation.

What if we could make team roles more varied?

Would an A-grade team member attain more skills, feel more engagement and stay longer through a wider variety of work?

What if we could pay our team more?

Would cross-training your team reduce downtime and lift rostering efficiencies?

If you currently operate with 8 specialist team members paying $18 per hour, could you manage your business with 6 cross-functional team members at $24 per hour?

Would paying $6 per hour more give you a competitive advantage in hiring an A-grade team?

Would an A-grade team attract similar people?

Could a service reputation built upon an A-grade team be a competitive advantage against losing market share or achieving higher pricing?

The conclusion

These questions bring me back to Seth’s quote, “we get back what we invest in, the time we spend comes back, with interest.”

Investing in a quality location and concept, providing clean premises, good food and drink at a reasonable price, these are given today. Without it, a customer is unlikely to come to your door. What gets hospitality customers returning is the satisfaction from an engaged human connection. It is hospitality’s competitive advantage.

An A-calibre team will strive in service when provided clarity of purpose, strive to engage when trusted, and strive for accountability when tied to systems and reward.

Invest in your hospitality team.  Time spent will come back with interest.

René Artz
Business Development Manager

Mathieson Chartered Accountants Ltd
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