Netiquette – Some do’s and don’ts for Facebook

You’ve got a Facebook page up and running, and are posting regularly, but have you got a strategy in place? If you haven’t devised one yet, it’s time to get one in place and keep it up. How many posts per week? What content will suit your audience? What will your voice sound like? Formal or playful? Will it be consistent with your marketing in other media or be more tailored to a particular group?

If you’re concerned that keeping up a Facebook page on a regular basis is not feasible, elect someone from within your team to help out or outsource. Most employees see social media as ‘fun’ and are, more often than not, willing to participate.

When you have your Facebook page up and running, keep thinking about your overall strategy. Here are some more things to consider when it comes to posting.

Be timely

Try and establish what times of the day your followers are looking at Facebook, and target your posts to these times. Check your insights for this information.

Don’t write a novel

Don’t write screeds of information in a post. If you need to, simply write it elsewhere such as a blog or your website and attach a link. Posts with 40 characters receive more engagement than posts with a higher count.

Facebook can be a wonderful marketing tool when used well. If you’re going to have a Facebook page, have a strategy first and always keep in mind some of the basic do’s and don’ts.