5 Benefits of Doing Business in the Cloud

There is no doubt that there are exceptional benefits to be accessed by adopting cloud software in business. For many though, the ‘cloud’ is unknown and scary, and this can be a major hurdle to considering changes. With a bit of education and communication of key benefits, you’ll find you’re able to understand the transition and see your business improved as a result.

Here are 5 key benefits of doing business in the cloud:

1. With the cloud you can access your data anywhere, anytime and anyplace!

How many times have you needed information only to have to travel to a certain computer in a specific location? What a pain! Using cloud applications you can access your data anywhere you have access to the internet, at anytime of the day or night and in any place. Out of town on business? In a client meeting offsite? Have employees working remotely? Not a problem. It doesn’t matter where you are or what time of day it is, you’ll always be able to access your data multiple-devices

2. With the cloud you can access and share the Same data across multiple devices and users. 

Not only can you access your data anywhere, anytime and anyplace – you can also access and share the same data across multiple devices (think PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone) and across multiple users (think staff, directors, clients and your accountant). Gone are the days where one person can access the data and all enquiries have to be directed there.

With the cloud, you can choose permission and visibility levels to enable sharing across all your key stakeholders. This has a huge effect of minimizing double handling, excessive back and forth communication and one person being a bottle neck. Even better, you can all access the information simultaneously – not having to log in and out and take turns.

3. With the cloud data is safe and backed up

Gone of the days of backup to an external hard drive that needs to be kept offsite. We all know this can fail and is prone to human error (I have a client that accidentally left their external hard drive onsite, factory burnt down, all financial records gone).

With data in the cloud, you can sleep easy at night knowing that your data is instantly backed up as soon as you make any changes. It’s safe and it doesn’t matter what happens to your physical hardware, your data will be fine. If your laptop crashes, no stress! If your computer gets a virus, no worries! If your premises are broken into, chill out!

In all these scenarios if you’re using cloud systems you’ll be able to pick up exactly where you left off on another device, your business won’t skip a beat.

4. With the cloud your business processes can be powerfully streamlined

With the integration of several cloud applications – for example Accounting, Payroll and Workflow Management software – enormous efficiencies can be gained as they streamline business processes. Not only do you eliminate the need for double (or triple) handling of data input, the same information is shared across your systems. And that information can be shared across external parties. Imagine what this could mean for your business!

5. With the cloud you have access to automatic updates at no extra cost

Remember the days of having to insert a CD (that cost you extra) into your computer to update your software to the newest version? This hassle is no longer a reality with the cloud!

Cloud software is automatically updated, and because it is often on a monthly subscription, you do not pay any extra for these added features. It’s a very exciting part of using cloud software – receiving functionality updates, compliance updates and general improvement updates – at no extra effort, inconvenience or cost. It’s literally done while you’re sleeping! You just have to login and you’ll have access to excellent automatic updates at no extra cost. This is extremely cost effective for businesses used to paying for maintenance of infrastructure or extra support.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re not doing business in the cloud, get in touch with us to find out your next steps